Tuesday, November 11, 2003

Everything that has a beginning must have an end

woke up yesterday at 6am.. yes 6am.. (!!) .. zzz.. not by choice of course.. (who in the right mind would wake up at that hour?! after sleeping at 4 am the nite b4 that is..) think was cos i received an sms.. this will teach me nv to sleep with the phone next to me again.. :( then dozed off again to be woken up by a phone call from my proj mates.. at 9am.. (!!) haiz.. no peace.. turns out the deadline was yesterday nite, and i dunno why they didn't mention that to me.. ah well.. had to wake up and do work.. was so groggy and dizzy.. and then wanted to doze off after the phone call for a few min of snooze when my dad came in to ask me some accounting matter.. zzz .. i was such hot property yesterday morning.. :S

no matter.. finally got things done last nite.. completed the proj parts in the nick of time and sent to them b4 11.. wat a rush.. luckily, i'm such a fast thinker & worker :P lolzz

hooked my sis to gunbound yesterday.. haha.. guess it should stop her from going out too much this hols and making my mom worry she's in bad company.. at least she's under my classmates & my watchful eyes in the game.. :P

watched the matrix yesterday.. not bad.. veri exciting war scenes.. (they usualli ARE exciting i suppose, if a war scene is boring, erm.. it's a failure rite?) heartstopping action during the war of zion against the machines.. very horrible machines they are.. the movie managed to convey the ugliness of machines and the dangers of letting machines overcome humans.. i wonder if such a thing will realli come true.. that one day machines will become so smart that they can think for themselves?? wat a horrible idea.. :( back to the movie, it wasn't as unpredictable as reloaded.. reloaded began with a scene that kept the audience in suspense and anticipation thruout.. whereas revolutions was more of narrating the ending to the story.. the ending of wat was going to happen to Neo was quite predictable the moment the Oracle spoke to him about Smith.. but it was pretty gross wat Smith did to the Oracle.. (hmm, didn't want to spoil the show there for anione reading this but hasn't watched..:P) i think i prefer matrix reloaded for the effects, much cooler, more WOW.. and it made me a fan of the matrix anihow.. :P


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