Saturday, November 01, 2003

slept at 4+ woke up at 11, went tuition, fell asleep there.. :( the kid is so irresponsible! exams in 2 days and still nv do her hw.. how to pass?? i can't be bothered liao.. just teach as best as i can.. sianz

how to integrate a system when the rest are still incomplete? seriously, i hate working in aircon, i hate working with the horrible low table, my back aches like mad, and i dun have net access. wtf. keep asking me to go over when its not like u all are ready anyway. this morning ask them to email oso not a word from them. i'm suppose to do all the last minute integrations? knn. feeling veri pissed and vulgar.. :(

had a gd day apart from all that. *smilez* tuition then went holland v for a pure blended ice chocolate.. had a gd time chit chatting. :) back home for dinner and now back to hall for work again. :S am going to have all my fun in 2 days' time. i look dreadful, jx said so.. i can see that too.. lack of sleep is harmful to me.. it shows on me totalli. YUCK. i want some sleep.. :(


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