Tuesday, October 28, 2003

wah.. can't believe i'm here in the library at 825am. i wouldn't have had the discipline to wake up unless if i have to do something for pple.. :P

finally figured out what went wrong in my coding.. it was so simple, i was quite blind not to have realised it.. after going through the logic of the whole send mail thing for the tenth time, realised i did not specify a connection to the database and send a SQL query to it to retrieve the email addresses i needed. tot i was a genius at first to have written a script in a few min. hehe :P oops, too much geek talk here.. shall revert to telling my simple english..

i haven slept well in 2 days, guess i'm still not used to the bed. its great to have the freedom though... 3 deadlines this week, next week 3 presentations, its a do or die situation.. if i pass them.. then i've graduated.. woohoo!! and then just one more exam to the end of my sch life... :S a little sad.. dun want to relinquish my freedom so soon... but on the other hand, there's the financial freedom to look forward to.. :) hmm.. life is just full of give some take some i suppose..

after all the deadlines, plans for post-proj/pre-graduation celebrations include chionging at least twice a week, weekends at sentosa to look realli gd, sleeping till noon everyday.. and prolly working out more.. i realli must get to toning my non-existent abs to look better for sentosa.. at least remove some of the flab.. :P


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