Saturday, October 25, 2003

went to devil's bar last nite.. jx's fren's bday.. turns out that his gf oso.. they were mostly from NUS surprisingly, from their chiongster look, i did not realise that until he told me. the bar was pretty packed.. but music not that great.. didn't drink alot too, cos i was having gastric pains, which was pretty much a bummer.. :( danced a little.. but spent the rest of the time enjoying jx's company.. :) left at abt 2am, saw a car wreck outside pacific plaza, front of the car was totalli smashed in.. must have been a drunk driver, luckily there's no casualties, he only hit the tree at the side of the road.. :( went to newton circus for char kuay teow.. had a surprisingly gd apetite for a change.. :) when i reached home, it was bout 4am.. couldn't sleep most of the nite surprisingly..

dunno how i managed to force myself to get up this morning to go for tuition.. the stupid kid did not do her homework again. KAOZ. veri irritated.. its quite hard to feel devoted to lazy kids, and i can understand why most teachers lose their ideals and oni become teachers and not nurturers of characters and young minds after a few years.. :( quite a sad thing..

waited for jx to appear after a 4 hr tuition marathon ... i waited for nearly an hour again.. :( kinda ironic considering my previous day's post.. i guess that's wat love is.. u dun mind waiting for the person u love even though you actually have better things to do.. haha.. ate at beach road then rushed back for dad's bday dinner.. was so tired i dozed in the cab.. zzz.. nv done that b4.. cham.. i think i betta sleep earlier tonite...

shifting into KR for a 2 weeks tomolo.. yay!! FREEDOM!! (after my proj at least) :P


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