Saturday, October 18, 2003

surprised jx at the bus stop this morning.. :) i love giving my frens surprises! hee.. had to change bus aniway.. so tot of saying hi b4 i went home.. he looks so cute in specs haha... abit like some hongkong actor..

DID NOT have a gd sleep at home. the phone kept ringing. and my dad called to check for faxes. i wasn't even online!! duhz.. then half awake and asleep until msgs kept waking me up.. ironicalli, after i woke up, there were no more new msgs for me the whole afternoon.. :( so unloved...

i was like the onli person on the bus home today. weird feeling. and i kept looking back to make sure.. think i just not enuff sleep.. its the kind of feeling that u dun realise u're thinking and drifting off.. while staring at some spot unconsciously.. i think my mind is kinda warped.. haha


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