Monday, October 13, 2003

decided to write abit bout myself..

there's this misconception that i'm veri sociable and outgoing.. which i'm NOT... my character is basicalli veri shy and IntroVerted.. according to a Myer-Briggs test i did b4 (it was administered by the school for all students to know themselves better), i'm an ISTJ (Introverted, Sensor, Thinking, Judger). I think its pretty much me.. this chart sums the whole thing up..

anihow, like i said, i'm realli a quiet and shy person, and i usualli dun take the initiative to get to noe new pple unless forced by necessity or circumstances.. i cringe at the idea of introducing myself to pple in fact.. :( aniway, thats me b4 we're frens..

after we're frens, if we hit it off, we hit it off.. haha.. thats when i become frenli and sociable.. if we're frens, i pretty much will help u with just about everything u need help with.. n one thing to note.. i'm veri blunt and straightforward.. heh.. i usualli speak my mind regarding everything.. but oni if u're my fren.. :) hmm ..

and i draw my energy from outings i think, i love to meet up with good frens, it makes me realli happy, but i dun tok much unless i have something meaningful to say..

yup.. thats my own character analysis of who i am now.. anione who begs to differ please speak up.. i'm in the process of getting in touch with myself.. :P


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