Friday, October 10, 2003

woah.. finally home.. feeling veri sleepy still.. at least today managed to do most of wat i need to do. xinhuan treated me sambal crayfish and squid for lunch.. her bday tomolo! :) dunno wat to get her though.. after being best frens for nearly 10 years, bdays become inconsequential events.. still.. since she treated me.. must get her something nice :)

suddenli had the motivation to find the lyrics to David Tao's new album.. they were realli soothing, sweet and i just had to noe the words to his songs..

came home to find a surprise from Yinnah.. did not noe she actualli left me a card and bday present with the security guard b4 she left for UK.. :( she remembered my bday!! *tears* realli touched.. another gd fren there.. always so sensible and a gd listening ear... haiz.. come back soon yah? i miss u too... *sobz*

suddenli veri aware that i have to find a job soon. the thought of having to step out into the working world is realli depressing. I'M NOT READY! i wanna learn design and all first.. sianz. at least i hope to get a dream job first.. :(


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