Sunday, October 05, 2003

totalli forgot supposed to go to lunch with andy's family today.. ahhh!! was super late.. 1 hr.. :( the food still same old things.. veri boring.. if oni there were oysters...

sandy's bday last nite was quite a crowd.. her sis doesn't look like her at all.. and the cake was delicious.. but a pity my throat hurt.. :( went off at 11pm .. quite alot of pple at the beach last nite..

went to raffles city and i realised i haven't bought ani cosmetics for a while.. argh.. hand so itchy to buy some .. esp after trying the bourjois eyeshadow.. but its soooo ex.. maybe if got ani dinner and dance then splurge abit.. :P haiz.. better start my programming.. i been slack too long..


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