Sunday, September 28, 2003

hahaha!! got my tuition pay again today!! feel richer oredi :)

went to buy my phone with andy in the morning.. it was like $738-$80 without contract.. stupid singtel.. so he bought this for me lor.. pretty touched i'm worth so much.. :) had alot of fun testing out voyeur pics with the phone.. :)

went to sentosa today.. played vball from 3-5 then had to leave for dinner with sixoneders.. it was pretty fun.. :) was pretty embarrassing to take off my top since my blk did not take off.. grr.. oni had that one t-shirt some more.. in the end bochup and just wore my bikini top with shorts.. sun came out just then :P damn sentosa undergoing some constructions, oni one toilet/bathroom left for the whole beach. KAOZ. the queues stretched out for dunno how long until outside the toilet. was playing with my new phone and took some pics of bikini girls haha.. without their knowledge.. the cool thing bout camera phones.. u just look like u're sms-ing.. hehe.. but veri off day today.. didn't enjoy much cos my right eye was hurting for some unknown reason and it was kinda swollen.. and the vision was kinda blurry the whole day.. was almost thinking i was going blind.. :(

then had to take cab down to meet 61ders for dinner.. luckily, most were late..haha.. and we were all famished.. had a great dinner.. spent bout $120 on 11 of us.. glad that they're happy and i'm happy too! hee.. they gave me a thumb drive..128MB.. so now.. even more techy than b4 ! :P

Happy Birthday To me!! i plan to watch my first RA movie in the cinema sometime soon.. :P


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