Wednesday, September 24, 2003

my entry in Write a Bestseller..

here's wat i wrote in the contest.. i was the 40th writer.. nothing spectacular.. but just that there were alot of dodos with bad grammar and pple who can't write for nuts in the contest.. :P serious!! u can take a read at the whole thing here, but for now, this is wat i wrote:

Luke flashed his employee pass at the gate reader for a final visit to his office. Gazing round the spacious interior with a superb view of the river at the 40th storey, he could not help but feel a tinge of regret. The feeling passed as quickly as it came when he saw the huge pile of files stacked up against his drawers and his impending freedom began to flood him with excitement and relief. Picking up an empty box, he packed a few photos and some trinkets that were of sentimental value. His first Mont Blanc pen; the photo of him shaking hands with the CEO of APB...

Taking a last look round, he could not see anything more of the dreary past few years he would like a memory of and he strode out with his box in both arms, an edge of finality in every step he took.

With a smile and a slight nod of his head at the cleaning lady as he passed her in the corridor, he was stunned by her sudden fearful glance. He had greeted her the same way for the past ten years and this was the first time she had not returned his smile. The hunched old lady muttered something under her breath, and hobbled away in wide-eyed fear, leaving Luke puzzled.

Feeling slightly disoriented, Luke shook himself awake from the eerie moment and stepped into the elevator. Idle thoughts ran through his mind and his thoughts wandered to Steph. He did not know what to make of her and her continuous taunts of his masculinity. Nothing was ever good enough for that woman and she thinks too highly of herself.

Suddenly, he was thrown to the ground as the elevator heaved violently.

not bad yah? :P


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