Wednesday, September 17, 2003

boi boi sux.

i'm so totally pissed.

he forgot bout the movie date tomolo. and yet he has lotsa time to go whenever his blk jios him last minute. yet if i ever last min jio, he'll always say not free. is it too much to just expect a fren to keep to an appt he made? he's been pushing it back for weeks. and i noe i'm not ur first choice to watch the movie with, i noe u prolly want some chiobu freshie to watch with u.

veri veri disappointed in ur negligence of our frenship. i made an effort to walk all the way to find u and give u ur bday present, to put down wat i'm doing and give u medicine when u're sick, to accompany u whenever (rarely) u ask, even to support u at ur competitions that i can just be too busy for just like the other pple u actualli asked to support u ..

i'm only asking u to reciprocate a small amount of the effort i put in, is that so difficult? dun u even feel the least bit guilty for ur shoddy treatment of such a sweet girl? at least stop telling me when u're not free when u've time to slot other pple in ur schedule lor.

i wish i was strong enuff to just walk away from u.


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