Saturday, September 13, 2003

just came back from embassy.. lynn didn't win the can.com.sg thing.. i think she got second.. ah well.. it costs alot to buy ur way to the top.. sms votes at 50 cents each dun come cheap.. took some photos.. maybe will upload soon.. trying to make the whole thing brighter.. M6 looks realli gd in real life.. the best of the contestants actualli.. given his age and expertise.. but too late cos the winning factor seemed to be the smses.. too bad. but he smiled at me when he walked past... ahhh.. *swoons*

anihow.. today had meetings again.. :( then brought eleen khoo to remove her cast. it was a horrifying experience to see the saw go into her cast!! yuck... yuck yuck!! can't bear to tink bout it again.. today's first GEM tut was weird.. boring and quiet.. no one wanted to contribute except some pple who had to bring up points that everyone oredi knew.. dun they noe what they are doing at the lesson?


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