Tuesday, September 02, 2003

stayed up til 5am last nite.. i actualli managed to wake up at 8.30 am and sit thru the morning lecture without falling asleep.. *pats myself on the back* :) after that couldn't take it liao and went to take a nap.. on the way saw this girl get down from bus A1.. she was wearing a white tight sleeveless t-shirt WITHOUT A BRA.. !! pretty gross.. esp that she was quite big.. YUCH.. could see her nips pointing out.. as hawx would say.. she's quite rude to keep "pointing" at pple.. keke..

so sweet of boi boi to dapao lunch for me today.. it was super delicious.. :) boi boi becoming a much nicer boy.. so thoughtful and more selfless nowadays.. haha.. can see u becoming more bf material as the days go by yah?? ;P

was toking to xinhuan last nite.. suddenli felt veri veri lonely. had this feeling that if i leave NUS unattached, i won't ever get attached at all liao.. and be a lonely spinster for the rest of my life. !!! :( she had such a strong happi thing going on with kenneth, and i have nothing now.. haiz.. wonder if there realli is anione for me out there?


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