Wednesday, August 27, 2003

finished up 3214 meeting.. die liao.. still haven finished class diagram.. quite worried.. and supposed to meet tutor tomolo.. the dumb tutor seems to think that we have no other life except 3214.. damn off..

the brownie at olio dome was good!! and cheap too.. oni $3.40 after discount with icecream some more.. :) the advantage of having a meeting at UCC..

science club was giving out free 8 days today, the newest issue some more.. wonder wat the special occasion was...

have to go for my first tuition session with junwei's kid later.. a little nervous since junwei mentioned he has an attitude problem.. but the mom sounded nice.. and my maths and science actualli are a little rusty, hopefulli can smoke him.. hehe.. according to junwei, he chats with him more than he teaches him.. so that's kind of an advantage to me? hehe.. at least its near my place, but the hours are damn late.. 8pm to 10pm.. quite off.. by the time i get home, it'll be eleven.. argh..

was veri irritated this morning when the faxes kept cutting my internet access.. ok lah, i can't complain, since its for the sake of family.. hope the company takeover and all will be successful.. its scary how frens can become enemies after becoming business partners. distrust, paranoia, and alot of secrecy and politics, tot my dad and his partner were originally frens... now he speaks of him in disgusted tones and personally, i'm pretty worried about this whole thing. i try my best to help out in drafting the proposals and letters without loopholes, but i'm not a lawyer after all.. (maybe i should be one.. i do think my letters are quite gd :P) and i dun wish for my dad to go bankrupt becos of a mistake in ani letter...haiz.. troubled times for the famili.. and sister wants to go overseas to study still.. i support that.. but would that mean i have to give up my ideals of becoming a designer?


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