Friday, August 22, 2003

finalli home after an overnite in school... last nite read Man n Wife by Tony Parsons.. it was soooo good.. heartwarming, emotional.. veri touching.. finished the book in 2hrs and returned it to zhengchang.. went to his room yesterday.. it was pretty weird.. painted in red and table in black... urgh.. a little creepy.. and veri claustrophobic..

then finalli, had supper with a kind soul who offered to accompany me to fong seng when i mentioned while chatting that i was going to buy supper liao.. alone.. .. a cute one too.. hehe.. such a nice person.. and it wasn't awkward at all, not like i tot it would be.. :) had a good time chatting, then went his room to take a look and play PS2.. so coincidental that he also went tokyo in june.. !! and he showed me his photos of his tour while we remnicised about tokyo and how much we missed it.. finalli went back to xh's room to sleep at 5am.. dead beat this morning..

this morning managed to wake up at 10.. then went sci for lunch.. had to bring eleen khoo to the hospital in the afternoon.. and the freaking NUH service is super slow!!! waited in the children's clinic for 1 hr.. onli to be attended by a medicine student on attachment when our turn came.. he obviously did not noe wat he was doing, and he dilly-dallyed with his diagnosis until the real doctor came in and examined my sister's leg. within seconds, he detected a crack in her bone and had to put on a cast.. waited until 6.30pm b4 i could go home.. waste time man..

alot of things on my mind these few days.. been thinking if i should finalli put my foot to some matters i've been putting off for quite a while liao..


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