Sunday, August 17, 2003

went to qunci's house for her bday steamboat.. Happy birthday GURL! *applause* finalli 21.. actualli was jinyi's bday, 16th mah.. then she's 17th.. but we celebrated hers first lor.. the guys were quite mean.. made jinyi drink bout 3 shots.. esp worse since he not a drinker at all.. after that he got all dizzy and almost ruined her celebration.. but at least he wasn't all angry and mad like usualli ben chiek was.. hehehe.. :P welll.. after he puked.. he got all sleepy and started toking in tears about alot of weird stuff that was 61-related and pretty touching.. he was under a lot of stress i guess.. and he was worried bout the guys not being able to pass.. haizz... *tears* there was realli heavy rain and we sat with him until about 1am when the rain showed no sign of slowing.. finalli we made our way back and almost buanged in the rain... argh.. got a huge scare when a stupid bugger drove past us at super high speed and splashed water all over our windscreen and blinded us for 2 seconds... nearly dieded of fright there..

super alot of work to do b4 sch on monday.. have to piah and stay up late liao... sianz.....


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