Thursday, August 14, 2003

had my french briefing this afternoon.. and i realised i did not noe wat the teacher was toking abt (in french of course).. there was this girl who kept nodding her head and then translated everything to us in english.. KAOZ.. showoff leh.. then saw a girl from last last sem who was in the same tutorial group as me.. we're bout the same standard oso hehe.. so prolli going to drown together.. :P

then went to the TR lecture.. New Venture Capital.. the lecturer was a partner in a alternative investment company, he was the venture investment specialist and the lecture was reali funny.. :) however, i did not noe a single person there.. :( and i think i'm prolly stuck with a sucky group again.. since they like mostly have their own frens to form groups with.. :( veri sian.. but at least i listened throughout the whole lecture (surprisingly) and surpressed all urges to run out due to loneliness... haiz.. prolly have to go onto the IVLE forum to look for a group liao..

blk having initiation now.. pretty fun.. esp the eating thingey and the pokey stick game.. hahahaha... but i'm not part of the blk now liao.. :(


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