Wednesday, August 13, 2003

started discussion on 3214 today and omigod.. there's tons to do!! haizz... quite flustered now.. better take out my 2103 notes to read up.. argh... have to piah finish all the use cases by sunday.. poor joey.. wonder how she's going to collate the whole thing.. drawing use cases is super tedious.. i wish u gd luck...

the SOC bazaar had an Indian stall that offered eyebrow threading for oni $4.. was pretty curious.. and it was cheap.. so went to try it.. it was horrendously painful!! :*( my eyelid smarted for bout an hour after that.. but it was gd.. and veri clean.. totalli new experience but OUCH!! now still hurting when i wash my face.. but at least i have tried something new.. :)

went down to the sports club bazaar in the forum with zhencang and met yingyan.. i DID not noe she was skating club president.. wah.. veri cool leh.. no wonder in her blog she keep kaopeh-ing the members.. and i must say .. this yr's freshmen guys look GOOD.. :P veri cute some of them.. *blushes* hee... but i dunno ani of them.. so they're just eye-candy lor.. there was a realli gd offer on the HP PSC1110 i think.. the printer-scanner-copier for oni $159!! better inform xq so that i can help him buy if he needs it.. and anione else who wants to buy it with this lobang price please oso tell me..

dunno why, was feeling realli sian last nite. veri moody and dissatisfied with everything. hmm. hope tonite will be a better nite.. last nite's thunderstorm was great! haven seen such magnificent display of lightning and heard such grand rumbling thunder in ages... it rained again today.. perhaps it's a sign that the heat wave is coming to an end?


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