Wednesday, August 13, 2003

had to wake up at 8 today.. so so tiring.. wanted to nap but instead liwei wanted to return me my book so had to go SOC instead.. met junyun and him.. hehe.. so we went to biz ad to have lunch and oso to watch dance blast.. they're trying to recruit members so did some promo thing at the forum.. pretty cool, although not realli much of an impact cos their music too soft.. went back to hall to realise that boi boi locked his door!! locked out and had to hang ard in the blk lounge for half hour or so b4 i could go back to get my stuff...

bought a photo album.. going to compile all the japan photos and label them... half way done.. veri tedious.. been spending the whole evening on it..

sianz.. tomolo have to meet up for 3214.. free day burn up.. knn... and it's oni the first week of school. :(


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