Tuesday, August 19, 2003

long long day yesterday.. first lesson started at 10am, had to wake up at 8am to get ready.. was still late in the end!! ok, partly my fault there, i left the house only at 9.20am.. hehe.. but the lecturer was mean!! i only just missed like 5 min of the lecture and i totalli couldn't catch wat he was saying.. and what the question was asking.. (it was french class).. the girl who came in after me summoned up the courage to ask him and was given a sarcastic answer "you shouldn't be late if u want to catch the whole lesson" and he went on with the lesson. !! attitude problem man!! of course if u're a lecturer and can afford to own a car, u won't noe what us poor students face taking the bus every morning. the lesson went pretty much downhill from there.. its like, u noe the lecturer isn't going to be helpful if u dun understand any thing and it's damn sian..

after that went for 3214, the lecturer explained the j2EE structure.. but it didn't help if u couldn't make notes without a set of the lecture notes in hand.. read newspapers throughout the lecture and thought of wat to write for the TR3001 lecture..

after that had lunch with joey and sandy and then rushed to boi boi's room to finish my work due in the evening. the poor chap was sick, and "coughing blood" supposedly.. :P hehe.. well.. he looked well enuff to me (after he woke up), so energetic.. managed to finish my work and took a nap before going for the next lesson... couldn't wake up again and was late.. chronic unpunctuality (is there such a word?) seems to be a veri bad habit i'm forming.

formed a project group durin TR when we were forced to do group discussion! hahaha.. so happy, and i think 3002 also should have a group on the way as well. quite interesting lecture today, viewed the iDEO video, and the company was super cool! its corporate culture is wat everyone would want to have in their job i suppose, with its room for creativity and freedom of thought..

went for dinner/supper with xinhuan n her OG group at 1 am.. made a new fren.. he's yr 4 SOC comp engin, and we had much in common to grouse about the horrible faculty of SOC. he also felt the same, that he made a huge mistake in taking his course.. so we yakked throughout the walk back.. pretty nice person.. xinhuan walked me back and thurs i'm going to stay overnite at her place!! so fun.. since we didn't get the chance to tok much last nite also..

think cos i drank coke.. couldn't sleep until 5am.. woke up at 11am feeling strangely alert.. left b4 boi boi woke up.. and took everything of mine back.. going to take a nap now..


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