Monday, September 01, 2003

wah.. my sis's web skills are alot better than mine.. check out her blog.. all the drop down boxes and all.. *envious* so cool!! btw, if ur leg pain better tell mom.. else next time u no leg i can't help u liao..

got a new bed from iKEA last nite.. so excited!!! anione with the catalogue, its the one that has storage underneath.. can't remember the name.. but its got like 1 metre high of storage space underneath with sliding doors and i'm not tall enuff to sit on it, i actualli have to jump up a bit b4 i can actualli sit on it (my legs are not 1m long???) .. :) so happi!! its been like nearly 8 years since i slept on a real bed at home.. and not just a mattress.. super excited.. !! *bounces ard in excitement* bought a full length mirror as well.. finally got my own mirror in my room!! *bounces around somemore* hehe.. can't wait.. it's oni coming on saturday though.. next step to revamping my room, prolly repainting it to a cooler colour.. the current paint job seems to have water seeping thru the walls, next paint to use would be Nippon weatherbond.. hahaha... dunno if i should paint my room a darker colour than now.. ani suggestions for a theme? or style? wanted to get a magnetic noticeboard for the room as well, but realised i can't really picture it aniwhere.. so prolly have to wait for the bed and other stuff to arrive b4 deciding.. a better desk is a definite must.. the desk now is so crammed i can oni use the comp.. who can blame me for oni using the comp all the time?? :P

today's proj meeting was so arghh.. nothing much done.. i think we're realli gonna die. n missed my evening lect cos i overslept after doing my assignment.. wah lau.. i realli must buck up.. at least i can still choose to exercise my satisfactory/unsatisfactory option.. *way out* hehe..

okie.. one hour more b4 xinhuan comes back.. thanks for lending me ur room.. realli appreciate it.. (once again its cos xinhuan foul up!!) sorri sorri to have troubled u..


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