Saturday, August 30, 2003

made a huge boo boo today.. did not know that tut was supposed to start oni 2 weeks later.. and woke up at 7.30am.. oni to reach the tut room and see no one there.. oops!!

didn't want to waste the morning, wanted even to join a fren's CE lecture just to take a look, but he was having lab so couldn't sit in.. hehe.. in the end went to the library to print the readings for the next tut.. so silli!! but the library was realli veri nice and quiet in the morning.. veri veri conducive for studying..

went with xinhuan to clementi for her lunch and grocery shopping.. i had no appetite and did not eat.. and on the way back, we were behaving like 2 mad women.. haha.. dunno why the topic turned to boys and their disgusting habits and we just couldn't stop laughing hysterically.. hiakz.. :) hehe.. turns out that her bf's a slob... boys who are NOT slobs are so much more appealing.. n of course more of a turn on than boys who ARE slobs... :P i think girls would agree that seeing a mess and a room with bad smells do not turn them on.. haha..

had ice cream yogurt for lunch.. (where's all my appetite?!!) actualli felt full.. can't believe it.. and then had a milo.. which actualli made me feel like puking.. arghh.. so weird..

had to rush home to help out with the comp inventory system training thing.. the system's pretty useful.. but alot to learn.. and learn more abt office politics etc.. yuch.. i dun feel gd to be in the middle of all these deceit and plotting!! of course i dun want my dad to lose out, or go bankrupt.. but it realli is sucky that he had to resort to such measures to save his firm... :( feeling super drained, emotionally and mentally, dunno why...

had dinner at nooch with andy.. glass noodles is actualli tung hoon pple!! dun be tricked.. was quite freaked out at one point when i was ranting bout raymond regarding the project to him and andy suddenli pointed to outside the window and said, "ay, isn't that raymond?" tot he was joking until i turned ard to realli see raymond waving at me.. EEKS! haha.. lesson: nv speak bad abt pple.. u nv noe when they might appear behind u.. :P he was with his gf of course.. she looks pretty sweet.. but i still cuter.. haha.. bhb man.. :P

going to take CFA level one next year after i graduate.. prolly one of the best decisions i've made i suppose.. useful and accredited. thinking of doing an SIM degree in biz or finance as well and a design diploma at la Salle at the same time. wonder if its too siong? but i realli wanna accomplish as much as i can in studies b4 i'm 25.

finalli dropped french 2 from my mods this sem.. it was pointless, i didn't understand the lecturer, didn't like his attitude, didn't like his way of teaching (he taught french in french and explained wat we didn't noe in french. if i understood wat he was saying, i dun think i would have been taking elementary french at all in the first place.) well.. now i oni have a 10hr week.. anione wanna compete? :P haha.. more time for my projects hopefulli.. and also a bachelor's with merit if this sem goes well? *fingers crossed*


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