Wednesday, September 10, 2003

full day of meeting.. :( tomolo another proj meeting.. argh.. sianz.. we're doing a dustbin thats super high tech for our pdt development project.. sounds easy enuff.. but i wonder if it realli is.. must come up with a prototype tonite.. eeeks..

a book on my wishlist.. turn left turn right.. yes the movie one.. i read it before eons ago while waiting for a fren in a kino, b4 it became a movie.. i think i bought it for a fren as well.. can't remember.. hmm.. but wish to re-read it again.. :) love the irony in the whole thing.. how possible is it that u could have so much fate to have lives so close to each other but nv ever noe? the cruel tricks fate can play on you.. hmm.. wonder if there is such a person in my own life.. that always pass me by on the same crossing, on the overhead bridge, takes the same train, but i nv am aware of? hmm .. interesting to find out.. veri veri touching if there was someone liddat.. who's saying the exact same things regarding the exact same thing in totalli opposite ends of the world.. wow..

time to do work again.. :)


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