Tuesday, September 09, 2003

finalli managed to set up my 5.1 speakers properly.. after 1 whole year!!! yah.. thanks KM.. realli need to unplug the orange wire.. the center speaker finalli blasted out some music.. haha.. was so excited that i blasted my speakers until my dad shouted at me to lower the volume... :P

still runny nose.. but at least my head hurts less.. i still look like a panda though.. hmm.. at least i got to sleep on the bed last nite.. haha.. my first quiz of the sem next week.. alot to study.. remembering wat picts are wat names mainli.. and veri excited bout my first assignment.. :) think i'll research on Picasso or surrealism.. art research totalli excites me.. esp individual projects.. super fun!! haha..

arghh.. have to rush my part for 3214 still.. tomolo meeting again... i'm abit sick of seeing my grp mates... :(


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