Friday, September 19, 2003

sorri. i was still hoping u would be treating me better.

i knoe the moment i go for dinner, (which u actualli promised to go with me but as expected, u broke ur promise) u would go apologise to that s*ut. i dunno u're purposely being dense or not, she's obviously flaunting her popularity with guys and enjoying the attention u're paying her. yah.. according to u, everyone's hot except me, so be it. i feel it in my bones that she's not ani gd.

i dun anihow say things i dun mean, u should noe that, so when ever u ask me whether i (L) u or not, i mean it. ALWAYS. i dun understand how u can say u (L) me but keep treating other girls so nice etc, giving off the impression u are totalli available for them as well.

u have been shouting at me as and when u like, complain abt the movies we watched and i think the oni thing u actuali want and enjoyed was just that. verbal abuse, no matter how jokingly, do have its effects on a girl and there is a limit. can u even think of ani girls that can accept ur vulgarities and open leering at tits of other girls, even discussing them with u? u dun treat me well when i'm ard, just keep saying u miss me when i not ard. wat the hell do u want from me? i say alot o stuff to u on msn and there is not even an after reply, icq or sms. hallo!!! wake up!!! i'm not going to be ard forever. i realli tot i was going to just ignore u liao last nite. but after crying mself to sleep, the first thing i tot of when i woke up was to do something nice for u. hence the dumb painting. realise u dun realli appreciate things i did.

gave such a beautiful necklace to ur stupid s*ut buaya. some glow in the dark hearts and hersheys in ur room warrant her such a gift? FUCK. i haven received ani ani ani gifts from u, even after being frens for quite a while liao. if u dun noe wat i'm implying at, i realli think we have nothing to tok abt liao.

its been so long and i kept my promise to u. no more lying. if u want to continue to be sweet to every other girl bsides me, its fine with me if i'm out of the picture. just keep me out of the picture. i even helped u fold stars even though i was feeling pretty upset bout this whole stupid week. but hey.. i'm not ur gf.. so i'm not allowed to be unhappy or jealous rite? u can't have the best of everything. if u can't make a stand soon, i will.


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