Monday, September 22, 2003

went to the Taka toy fair.. bought somthing for my tuition kid since she improved in her subjects for her tests.. :)

fell asleep on the bus on the way back.. woke up to see this sec sch boy staring at me.. was i sleeping in a realli ugly position??? :(

started on the 8 min of abs thing exercise.. its super SIONG!! almost dieded after that.. but i actualli dun feel that tight in my abs now.. still alot of fats i suppose.. hopefully all will be gone soon!!

now trying to study JSP and JAVA.. the linkage and stuff.. coding to be given to sandy within 2 weeks. i think i'm going to die..

have decided to jio the guys to sakae sushi for lunch next week :) will be treating them partialli.. presents yay!! just nice my pay come some more.. hehe sooo happy.. soo excited that i'm going to be 21 soon!! then will be having steamboat on sunday with family.. still haven tot of wat to do with the NUS frens.. should i celebrate with them at all? hmm.. wanted to hold a bbq but abit late, dunno why next weekend, the pit's booked all 3 days.. sianz..


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