Wednesday, September 24, 2003

blah.. oni got a lousy Guinness Book of World Records 2004 as a prize for the contest.. sucky.. the 2nd prize winner was a TODAY journalist.. hmm.. Neil Humphrey's friend.. hmm.. *kelong?* ah well.. at least i knew i got 5th.. there was this old man who was sitting at the same table.. he won something oso, 7th or 8th i think.. i didn't speak to him... but boi boi did speak to him while i was getting food and he told the old man that i got 5th.. haha.. then when i came back to the table.. i think they were shocked to see a young thing who looks reali blur and none-writer type.. hahaha.. boi boi said that when i came back to the table, the old man stopped speaking.. and looked a little sullen.. :P

printed my resume today and i think i'm going to try applying for DXO job.. MINDEF is next to my house and i dun mind sleeping in late.. :P couldn't find ani of my passport-sized photos though.. i just took 4 for my driver's licence and i can't remember where i put them!! drats.. my memory getting bad to worse..think i hit my head too much accidentally..

arghh.. i better get back to my project.. deadline is 1130pm tonite... :(


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