Saturday, September 27, 2003

singtel is damn cok up.. i DID NOT manage to get my v200 today due to their inefficiency and lousy prices. they're charging 698 for a 2 year plan while samsung themselves are having an offer of $738 without contract and without tradein. $40 more and no contract, of course i would rather take this deal.. damn singtel, made us run all over the place and in the end couldn't buy the phone.. *pissed* but did manage to sell my dad's old 8250 for $80... the man did not realise the IR port was damaged and we were realli glad to just get the money and run. :P

had dinner at Out of a Pan at raffles city at 10pm. it was not bad.. a little ex.. but not bad.. service was extremely good i must say, well worth the 10% service charge. the waiters were veri cheerful and enthusiastic, and automatically topped up our ice water when half the glass was left.. another waitress actualli noticed that we weren't served our drinks after a while and came up to check and help us get drinks.. not bad! :) this is the kind of service we should be getting for our service charge.. not some sullen waitress who looked like we were causing her problems... :)


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