Tuesday, September 30, 2003

hmm.. been keeping a clumsiness tally.. so far i've:
1. fell down at 12.09 am and bruised my arm and cut my knee (28-09)
2. bumped full speed into my sis while coming out of the kitchen and stepped on her toe which had too long nails and hurt my own feet instead about 5pm (28-09)
3. scalded my fingers while eating steamboat dinner (28-09)
4. tripped on the bus and nearly fell down in front of everyone (it was raining and the floor was slippery!!) (29-09)
5. spilt ink all over jigsaw that boi boi made (29-09)

so many incidents in 2 days. cham.. can foresee lots of accidents in the coming year for me.. :S


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