Friday, October 03, 2003

just woke up at 2 plus AM.. haha.. i took a nap at bout 8pm.. dunno why i woke up.. think there was an sms or something..

woke up to realise my internet connection was cut off.. a little irritated since i was trying to download season 10 of frens. YES its OUT!! muahahaha!! so excited.. if all goes well.. i should be able to watch it tonite.. yahoo!!! wat a great way to reward myself after slogging (erm.. trying hard to slog? :P) on my essay on surrealism. its realli difficult to write, considering its such an interesting topic.. i mean, i have learnt alot, but asking me for my opinions on it? hmm.. i love the art pieces from the Surrealist movement, realli warped and cool, becos of the intertwined states of dream and reality, and that they're so different from normal real stuff. Dali is definitely one of my favs, and Magritte too.. (they're artists btw.. ) i did quite well for my first quiz on this module.. does this mean i'm like inclined towards art and stuff liddat? been enjoying myself at this module.. hmm.. something to think bout i guess..


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