Tuesday, October 07, 2003

can't believe i've been going to the comp lab everyday this week. ok its oni tuesday, but i've nowhere else to go. kinda a pathetic but yah, i realli have nowhere to go now that i have no hall. could go home but its boring and there's no one at home. sianz.

miss u so badly. its all i can do not to pick up the phone and sms u bout my day. i've been losing little bits of me for this whole time in you and now, i can't get the pieces back.. i keep asking myself in what way am i not gd enuff to u, but the oni answer that keeps creeping up on me is that you can't accept my past, despite knowing me. i've changed, and i want to be the person u see me to be but why do u keep reminding me of the wrongs i did? :(


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