Sunday, October 12, 2003

hmm.. just read some blogs and realise mine is totalli devoid of poetic sentiments and deep feelings. haha.. i think thats me leh.. no cheem tots or feelings.. (i'm not shallow though) :p

pple seem to have lots of sentimental stories etc to feed the hearts of their readers.. n just heard from my sis that her fren said my sis and mine blog were crappy, veri not cheem.. KAOZ. a little pissed.. u like your blog to be cheem, its ur own problem; i'm using mine as a diary thingey, not meant to be elegant or to wow my readers.. when i feel like i wanna spout poetry, i'll do it, just not every day.. duhz.. u think i'm so free like u meh? sec 2 oni, nothing to do, thats y can wreck ur brains for writing great novels on ur blog or even spend tons of effort decorating ur blog.. bo LIAOZ!

aniway, enuff of the dissing... i just wanted to express some dissatisfaction..

realise this friendster.com thing is catching on realli quick and i found some frens i had lost contact with over the years.. so happy!! :) going to meet up with them soon i hope.. and made some new frens too..

saw a leaf fall out of a tree today and tot of how soon christmas was coming.. time to spend money on presents again... (see i suck at trying to be sentimental)

and some sidetracking, my fren declan wans me to mention him.. he claims that he's "cute, yandao, charming, charismatic, and BHB" . i think so oso.. haha.. yandao not so much.. (since my standards of yandao are brad pitt and orlando bloom and aniki takeshiro) but anione interested in him, can go to the decazz link at my side menu.. :P


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