Friday, October 17, 2003

went for the Barclays recruitment test today.. it was super tough.. like an SAT test sped up to twice the speed.. i didn't manage to finish the verbal and numerical section.. :( sad.... the questions weren't tough.. just required alot of thinking... and figuring out.. :( but the diagrammatic reasoning test was pretty ok.. managed to finish all but 1 question.. and i'm sure that those i did, they were rite.. ! :) cool huh..

ani way.. met david during the test.. he's working at standard chartered now.. and he's also taking CFA! haha.. so can ask him watever i dun understand lor..

after that met jx for dinner... went to eat cuttlefish kang kong at bukit timah market... he's such a sweet guy.. haha.. veri chipmunk like smile.. maybe he's gay that's y he's not attached.. :P realli nice of him to send me back all the way even though he lives so far away.. if oni all guys were so thoughtful.. :)


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