Sunday, October 19, 2003

the work travel USA thing is super popular. i think i have veri slim chance of getting in. the 2 bimbos beside me were so fake and spoke such lousy english i could puke. they were totalli sucking up to the interviewer, bantering and smiling.. YUCK!

met yingyan there.. played with my new phone.. hee hee ..

also took photos with jiaxing.. :)

Kill Bill SUX! its VERI violent, VERI abstract, plot a little unclear, i'm feeling quite traumatised rite now. still can't forget the blood shed and the violent deaths and loss of limbs the characters suffered. :S head hurts from the gore. and the massacre. and lucy liu's unsightly death. *pukes* shall not watch RA violent movies for a while. now i noe why the rating is RA.. even a 21 yr old feels traumatised, i think kids will nv have happy dreams again.

sister having bday bbq just now. her frens were mostly girls.. which was gd for her.. :) but had my own problems to worry abt, so didn't have apetite to eat. realise my love life is super complicated. i shall have to resolve things soon. :(


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