Thursday, October 23, 2003

been feeling so tired.. another overnite project session tonite... haiz.. dreading it.. i can't stand to work at nite, its time for relaxing!! would rather meet whole day to do than at nite.. slept until 5pm yesterday after i came home.. wat a waste of the day.. and its not like i get much done there at nite oso, just surfing the net aimlessly and then trying to solve some quesions that they can't solve.. i DUNNO java. so if u're the programmer and u dun noe why the error occurred, u think i would?

meetings should be efficient discussion and distribution of work and then everyone goes off to produce his or her part. there's a optimum working condition for everyone which is different, and forcing everyone to come together to work could perhaps be detrimental instead of helpful to the project's progress. so much lost sleep i can't recover.. still feeling realli tired now even though i slept 8 hours last nite.. :(

jiaxing was so sweet! i woke up to the phone ringing, at 10, and it was him calling from tekong to say gd morning! :) hee.. it's nice to wake up to a lovely voice and it's nicer to noe that he's spending all his break time on u.. :) great way to start a daY!! :)


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