Friday, October 31, 2003

i'm disappointed. veri veri disappointed. am i only sought out when u want kisses or hugs? do u realli need to tell me excuses to avoid outings when those excuses are so lame u dun even bother to hide them? veri veri disappointed. was quite worried abt u and not even a word. wat do u take me for?! is this a relationship at all? :( i slept at 7am, then kept waking up to check the phone cos i was afraid i would oversleep and not be able to accompany u. well, turns out i didn't need to. u apparently didn't even care to inform me of ur disappearance until u were gone. u're even more on time for ur hospital appt than ur appts with me.

i better be more firm about my resolution in being a pessimist and not having animore expectations.


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