Friday, November 07, 2003

went to holland v last nite for dinner.. 3214 is finalli oVEr!!! WOOHOO~!!! so happy.. so relieved that its finally over.. and there's a good chance of passing.. (Passing, not getting A) .. and just finished the test for my GEM too.. and thats the end of another module as well!! WOOHOO!!! now oni the 2 TRs left, one will be cleared next thurs.. next one is the exam on 27th nov.. but its open book.. so no worries.. yay!!!! !!!! so happy!!! WOOHOO!! :P

been sleeping not enuff still.. dunno why, i'm exhausted even though i sleep from 3am-1pm everynite.. head hurting slightly.. think i got drenched too much by rain these few days.. head and back hurting.. :(

veri hungry now oso.. think i'll go find some food..


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