Sunday, November 16, 2003

mom cooked my favourite soup today! salted vege with duck.. a little cheered up.. my sis read my blog and asked me bout him.. to my horror, i started crying.. :( can't believe it.. quickly stopped b4 my parents saw.. :(

shifted all my stuff from hall.. i dunno how i managed to accumulate 4 more bags of stuff in my 3 weeks there.. i went with 3 bags & came back with 7.. :S quite surprised..

went to sim lim and bought myself a new keyboard.. strangely, i manage to find a shop selling the keyboard for $14 when all the other shops were selling it for $18.. the logitech newtouch keyboard.. feels quite good to have a working keyboard finalli.. :)

bought something for u mi dear.. i hope it helps to make u feel better.. :)


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