Friday, November 14, 2003

a hectic 2 days..

wat did happen? i can't realli remember liao.. had steamboat buffet at marina south on wed then cafe cartel for waffles.. had tons of crayfish.. :) YUM.. it was so last min, i did not noe bout the dinner!! aniway.. it was great fun to meet up with the guys again.. despite their continuous jibes at me.. (yah all the sexual jokes are getting abit irritating) was quite a good dinner.. we tok cok until bout 12am.. until they had to chase us out.. haha.. it was a gd evening.. realli missed them..

today had interview at HDB with the guys for temp interviewer.. think my exp as interviewer b4 should give me an edge.. :) but i better find a real job soon.. maybe an internship with SPH at least.. want to be a journallist!! had lunch at PS and walked ard with them for a few hours.. then had to come back to sch for a final presentation.. YAY!! 3 modules cleared!!! so happy.. final paper on 27 nov.. and i'm out of NUS.. !! :') i did it.. finalli... better study hard for my final exam.. (hehe.. as if)

was going to go sentosa this saturday but it got cancelled.. poor response from the guys. sianz!! i haven gone there for so long liao... when can i ever go again?? its so boring to go as a couple.. :S not much u can do with oni one other person.. vball sort of not fun liao.. can oni tan.. haiz.. sianz.. have to find something to do myself liao..

haven seen jx in almost a week.. too bad for him i suppose.. going to enjoy myself with the guys without him since he's forever busy.


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