Wednesday, November 19, 2003

closure. such a simple word. so difficult to achieve.

i finalli saw wat a fool i was being. maybe if we had met in uni, things would be different. if we had communicated more as frens, things would be different. but all these things didn't happen, so it's no point thinking bout wat ifs..

things have soured such that u dun wanna meet me, while i'm wondering why u dun want to meet me.. cos it would be awkward DUH. well. i am sad, veri sad, but at least i dun feel like crying animore. i did cry when u said u dun feel like meeting me, but after the phone call, i think i also dun want to meet u animore. the end of the road so fast. realli unexpected. haiz

i wish u all the best in ur future endeavours.


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