Sunday, November 23, 2003

wat a horribly boring day. i woke up at 1 and then did nothing but played gunbound. argh. tried to arrange an outing but the guys were so indecisive in the end it was cancelled. i want to watch identity but its ending its run... how how??!!

he nv comes online animore. asked if i was on his invis list but he just said he wasn't home. well.. who am i to ask him aniway. glad he's feeling well enuff to rejoin the society.. but i do miss him. argh.

got my job applications ready.. just have to photocopy my birth cert.. yah .. damn govt bodies.. why do they need ur birth certs aniway??? and my mom has to go hide it in her safe which is so troublesome to get out.. super difficult to get.. if i was lazy to get a job.. that was prolly the reason..


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