Wednesday, November 26, 2003

this has been a veri undisciplined few days.. keep playing gunbound to take my mind off things.. (including studies.. :( ) nv study much to tell the truth.. supposed to be sending out job applications but i haven't gotta all my stuff ready.. just been going out and going out.. :S

made a new fren today.. ivan's fren's fren.. haha.. long story... but she's from NIE and realli frenli and i think we click pretty well :) we exchanged phone numbers and promised each other to keep in contact and meet up next week.. she's realli sweet and i think its one of the rare few girls that i actualli feel that i can confide in. such a good feeling.. haven had a gf that i realli trusted enuff to tok to in such a looong time.. ever since sec sch actualli.. so much politics going on there liao.. :S

will be working at SITEX (singapore expo hall 5, 11am-9pm) from 27th nov to 30th nov.. basicalli whole weekend burn up.. but thinking of the extra income i feel better. i'll be selling TDK dvd-rw i think.. and the guys are selling intel pcs & PDAs.. so please come and buy :)

1 more day to my paper.. i better start working harder..


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