Wednesday, November 26, 2003

my fren just sent me this link:
video of a playground

watch it. please. it freaks me out..

i saw something liddat in real life b4. you noe those carpark metal chains to stop ppl from parking ? it was swinging and swinging. with no one near at all. and it was the kind that was too heavy to swing becos of wind. i was walking past with a fren and its like those things u dun notice until u suddenli think back. we were quite a distance from it after walking past and i had a nagging feeling something was wrong with the stretch of road i just passed. i looked back and saw that the chains were still swinging. luckily, i was with a fren then else i would have freaked out.. i was like "look.. that thing is still swinging.. can u see?" and he was like "yah.. just continue walking.. dun think bout it.." and we sort of half ran and half walked the rest of the way.

my hairs are all standing up just recalling the incident.


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