Tuesday, December 02, 2003

today was quite a gd day.. finalli no need to wake up earli.. i slept till 11am.. then played gunbound & chatted with growl until 4+.. went to simlim to collect my pay then found out it wasn't ready.. wasted trip.. abit pissed they told us we could collect today liao.. then had to wait until 7 for dinner..

i sat in coffee bean to read a book and it felt realli weird to sit down by myself with a book.. i seldom do that.. and it felt like pple's eyes were on me.. although prolly no one was looking.. esp since i was wearing specs, i felt even more uncomfortable.. but in the end i survived.. :) went to swensen's and we waited an hour plus for a table for 14 to be available.. i couldn't eat much.. had diarrhoea the whole day.. and my stomach was still feeling queasy, i just treated the guys to an earthquake for having earned some money at Sitex.. after that we went KTV and sang our hearts out.. all the david tao songs just served to remind me of him again. argh!!! at least i saw lots of she-males at orchard towers.. yUCK.. they were so gross..!!!

i went out with $50 and came home with $10.. :(


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