Monday, December 01, 2003

finally.. the 4 days are over.. no need to wake up earli tomolo again!! yay!!! i think i earned bout $(30+70+40+70+50+70+50=380) this whole weekend + an internal dvd writer worth bout $200.. can collect pay tomolo liao.. yay!!

finalli they set up the queue number system this morning.. so much more orderly.. i had no mood to work today.. got pretty pissed that everyone was like just working for the commission and i was like the oni person who bothered to walk over to the side without the dvd writers to see if the pple buying other stuff had ani enquiries.. haiz..

he finally changed his frenster status to "Single". i'm suddenli overwhelmed with sadness. it took him realli long to change it to "in a relationship" when we were together and he was reluctant to do so even. Now he actualli bothered to change it back.. i guess... i prolly should change mine liao.. haiz. there's a big lump in my throat. and the euphoria at the end of the work has suddenly disappeared..


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