Tuesday, December 09, 2003

love actualli is realli good! it's hilarious!! veri touching and veri heart-warming at some points.. hugh grant as usual was the best actor.. :) i nv missed ani of his shows.. one of the best shows i've watched the whole year.. :)

did my sis' makeup for her in the late afternoon.. brought her for a hair cut and her frens were so irresponsible that they just took the room keys with them without informing her.. had to do her up in the lobby bathroom, which luckily had a powdering area.. she looked quite good i must say.. :) and i was stupid enuff to forget hair gel.. lucki her classmate came along and he had hair wax so i could style her hair.. did the zig zag parting thingey.. she looked quite gd.. :)

chris was realli nice to offer to come and accompany me thruout the whole thing.. he helped to carry my sis' stuff and waited patiently beside us while i did her hair.. thanks alot man :) haha.. oh well.. :P


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