Thursday, December 18, 2003

was totalli not thinking bout the ass liao when he suddenli msged me when i went online.. i was quite unprepared for his apology.. anihow.. i was still not realli appeased so i just acted cool throughout the whole conversation.. the thing ended on a good note.. i told him i was just going to bochup him.. its realli up to him.. and he admitted to avoiding me.. watever.. it turns out we were both going to zouk tonite.. so was like yah seeya. then realli saw him past me by twice.. he didn't recognise me.. had to poke him.. dunno if that irritated him.. anihow.. didn't manage to tok to him or anithing cos the damn place was SOOOOO packed.. the police should be like closing down the place for packing the people like sardines.. and got my toes stepped on a couple of times.. yes.. the same toes got stepped on again and again. i think i must have not clubbed for too long.. cos my alcohol tolerance was realli low.. just 2 cups of vodka lime and i was feeling woozy.. didn't realli enjoy myself as the place was too packed to move and i had too many things on my mind oso.. went with the wrong pple oso i guess.. erh... hope the next trip down to zouk this saturday be better..


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