Sunday, December 21, 2003

finalli sober enuff to type some coherant words.. Return of the King is GREAT!!! 5 stars!!!! great show.. i was crying when they were so helplessly outnumbered by the orcs but still fought bravely on to save their land.. it was so moving.. but i hated the gollum.. he was gross.. and frodo was weird.. sam was the true hero i must say.. all in all.. awesome show!!!! my neck hurt from having sat too near the front and having to twist my neck to the left to watch it though.. :S

went to TH bash last nite to support xh's dance.. erm... i must say the pre-pageant program was BLEAH.. but drank abit too much when 1 for 1 came along.. :S shared long island with xh and her frens and got quite high in half an hour.. bad move.. but 12+, my head was hurting.. and xh too... so we left.. i think my mom was surprised to see me home at 1+.. she even poured me a glass of water.. weird.. hehe.. shall nv drink so much again :(


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