Monday, December 22, 2003

3 hr marathon tuition session this morning.. fell asleep hehe.. she was such a slow person !!! i nv see anione tackle simple maths questions so slowly b4.. zzzz

met 61ders in the afternoon then went to the Guinness bestseller book launch.. it was pretty stupid.. and there was no acknowledgements in the book of the authors!!!! damn guinness.. at least i have my picture at the back but still.. !!!! wats the use of KNOWING u contributed to writing a book if ur name is not inside?? for many of us, i'm sure its like the only chance to have our work published... !@#$^&!! stupid guinness.. luckily they gave us the book free.. else i would be even more angry..

just reached home and received a letter from MOE liao.. hehe.. i wasn't shortlisted to be a teacher after all.. :( i knew i wasn't supposed to be a teacher.. now have to source for other jobs..


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