Thursday, January 15, 2004

went shopping for some essentials with my sis today.. bought a realli realli nice white dress for new year.. :) i was abit unused to seeing myself in dresses that are semi-long.. but xinhuan and my sis told me it looked gd so bought it lor :) after that came home and jogged another 2 rounds.. starting to remember why i dun jog.. cos after the first enthusiastic time.. the next few times u get tired more and more easily.. :S

going to join NTU bike rally with the guys.. seems like a lot of fun, whole day cycling thruout singapore.. abit ex though.. banking on my DBS pay to pay for it..

is Mona Lisa Smile a gd show? want to watch it but the reviews in the newspapers aren't that great.. dun believe that julia roberts would act a mediocre film though.. :S


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